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Product Care

CARE OF THE FINISHING All metal based ironmongery products require regular cleaning to prevent product deterioration due to environmental factors so please consider the care information below. PLATED FINISHES Occasionally wipe the product with a soft clean cloth and clean it with a non-abrasive wax polish to help you maintain a plated finish. POLISHED AND […]

Anvil products online.

Rosewood and PN Beehive Mortice/Rim Knob Set from A Touch of Brass, Fulham

We have the full range of Anvil products now online We are really pleased to announce that we are now carrying the full catalogue of Anvil Ironmongery products online. Above is a Polished Nickel Brompton Lever on Rose Set and a Rosewood and PN Beehive Mortice/Rim Knob Set For more information on the products, or to […]

Working with Ironmongery

Door Knockers

We understand that working with ironmongery can be a difficult and complicated aspect of a building project. Therefore we aim to make it a user friendly experience for all our customers. This is achieved by offering our customers an on-site service where we carry out a detailed door by door, window by window, room by […]

Period and Innovative Ranges

Touch Ironmongery London

Our diverse range of products features pieces that will give your property a touch of history with a unique range from earlier time periods. These period ranges include circa France 1640 (Louise XIV) and subsequent Georgian, Edwardian & Victorian periods.  You can choose from a contemporary range of products if you’re going for a more […]

What have we been up to over the Past Year?

Round flushed privacy lock set - Touch Ironmongery Chelsea - Architectural Ironmongery London

As you may have noticed, we have not posted any blogs for a while. We have been more focused on improving our showrooms, adding new displays, updating our shop-floor, updating systems, also updating and introducing online purchasing facilities for our exclusive products. We have also been involved with a number of Projects across the UK, […]

You can now Buy our exclusive Products Online

We are happy to Announce, you can now purchase most of our exclusive products shown on our website. We will be adding more products time to time. For any information please feel free to contact us. We accept most credit card via Paypal. Orders above £100 will be dispatched free of charge across UK mainland. […]

Commissioned for a Nigerian Palace

Touch Ironmongery Chelsea - Architectural Ironmongery London - Touch of Brass projects - Nigeria

Touch were approached to create a set of beautiful door furniture based on Louis XIV designs. And we delivered! These were oversized to suit the large doors in the palace. The King of Nigeria visited our showroom and was very precise in what he wanted. We put together a number prototypes which resulted in 3 […]

Have you ever thought to Securely store your valuable at Home?

Many people have valuables stored away in their homes in drawers, cupboards and even under their beds or sofas. However, in the unfortunate event of a Fire or robbery we can end up losing our most valuable contents such as jewellery, watches, important documents, small meaningful gifts from loved ones and money. Have you ever […]

What has Touch Ironmongery been up to over the Last 6 Month

4" Sliding Flush handle - - Touch Ironmongery Chelsea - Architectural Ironmongery London

Touch Ironmongery (also known as A Touch Of Brass) has been involved in Number of Major Projects.We have much demand for Bespoke products. over the last 6 months We have produced bespoke Lever handles, Cabinet Fittings, Staircase Rods, Pull handles and many more products. Once Projects are completed we will upload many images of our […]

Bespoke Sliding Flush Pull Handle

Isn’t this a beauty? Bespoke Antique Brass Flush Pull Handle. As ironmongery specialist, we can make any desired design and finish ironmongery products. Why don’t you visit us in our showroom Chelsea London. For all your ironmongery solutions feel free to ask us any questions.