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Commissioned for a Nigerian Palace

Touch Ironmongery Chelsea - Architectural Ironmongery London - Touch of Brass projects - Nigeria

We were approached to create some outstandingly beautiful door furniture based on Louis XIV designs.

These were oversized to suit huge doors in the palace.

The King of Nigeria Visited our showroom along with his advisors, they were very precise in what they wanted. After making a number prototypes the results are 3 unique handle design to suit the requirement of a very Grand palace.

At touch of brass we aim to provide high quality and a great customer service and most importantly providing our clients specified ironmongery needs.

Our Ironmongery showroom based in Chelsea London have many Items on display. We offer bespoke service for small and large projects.

we carry many lever handles, cabinet handles, window fittings, many ironmongery requirements in-store.

We offer local onsite visits and schedule services. Please ask our member of staff for details.

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Have you ever thought to Securely store your valuable at Home?

Many people have valuables stored away in their homes in drawers, cupboards and even under their beds or sofas.

However, in the unfortunate event of a Fire or robbery we can end up losing our most valuable contents such as jewellery, watches, important documents, small meaningful gifts from loved ones and money.

Have you ever thought of buying a safe that will securely store your valuable items in one place so that you feel confident that the likelihood of anyone attempting to steal anything will not be able to break through or access the safe if found?

As there has been a number of demands recently we now carry small safe up-to 30kg in-store which also allow you to be covered by insurance companies for theft and in a unlikely event of an fire. There are many choices available from sizes, cash value cover and content value cover. We at a Touch of Brass would be happy to give advice and recommendations for a suitable safe that would offer peace of mind for securing your valuable items safely at home.

Feel free to contact us or even visiting our store in Chelsea London for more information and to see some of the products we carry in store today.

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What is Touch Ironmongery been up to over the Last 6 Month

Touch Ironmongery (also known as A Touch Of Brass) has been involved in Number of Major Projects.
We have much demand for Bespoke products. over the last 6 months We have produced bespoke Lever handles, Cabinet Fittings, Staircase Rods, Pull handles and many more products.

Once Projects are completed we will upload many images of our unique products and projects.

Recently our shop Front was Replaced with an outstanding new sign and front glass which allows more viewing into the store.

We have also started updating our show-boards with more new and branded products.

Feel free to give us a call or pop down to our store in Chelsea London. Am sure you would be delighted to see our products and the services we provide by our friendly staff.

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The Struggles for Sliding Door furniture….

Many people do struggle finding the correct products for sliding doors. We at Touch Ironmongery in Chelsea have various suitable handles and locks which are specially used for sliding doors. There are several different flush pull handles available in our store and on our display.

Our products are suitable for many recessed doors and also sliding locking privacy sets are available.

we carry a number of different finishes in-stock. Our Sales Team will provide you all the information required.

We also do Sliding Door mechanisms and tracks. Please feel free to ask us any questions.cbart55b ES.fph1000sss FP4010 KD CIRCULAR FLUSH KIT

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New York Hotel Project – Rustic Bronze

Touch Ironmongery Chelsea - Architectural Ironmongery London - Touch of Brass projects - New York

Our 2016 New York Hotel project provided us with an opportunity to help our client create some really unusual and exciting designs for the rooms.

We took rustic bronze as our inspiration to give a timeless, strong look that felt authentic in its setting, reflected the architecture of the building and gave a sense of permanence to the rooms.





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Project in Dubai – Luxurious Apartments

Touch Ironmongery Chelsea - Architectural Ironmongery London - Touch of Brass projects - Dubai

Late last year, Touch Ironmongery were involved on a Luxury Apartments project in Dubai which required Bespoke Classic and Contemporary Lever Handles and Pull Handles.

Our client have developed Luxury Flats in Down Town Dubai. There are Flats which has a Classic Features. There are further Flats which have a  contemporary Features. Our Clients have Specified  a particular design style and lever size he specified for based on the design. We ensured we met our client needs,and also met their expectations. We have been involved in many project across the UK and Overseas and we will be adding further images on the special items we supplied.

At touch of brass we aim to provide quality and a great customer service and most importantly providing our clients specified ironmongery needs.

Our Ironmongery showroom based in Chelsea London have many Items on display. We offer bespoke service for small and large projects.

We offer on site visits and schedule services.


CONT LHclassic LH

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Did you know, we are able to Produce Bespoke Ironmongery Products?

Did you know, we are able to Produce Bespoke Ironmongery Products?

There have been a Major Demand from Many Customers looking for Unique Bespoke Products.

We have made some Beautiful Back to Back Pull Handles for a Project in Dubai. This Classic Pull Handle was made specially to Match a Lever Handle.  This is an Example of we are able to Achieve with working with Clients and Manufacturers.

These Half Moon Pulls were made specially for Touch Ironmongery in Polished Nickel. We have recently Polished & Lacquered plus Engraved as Per Customers Instructions. Surely this looks beautiful.

Stair Spindles are Another Example, We have made just using an small image and detailed description with Dimensions.

We at Touch Ironmongery Chelsea London, have the ability to have ironmongery manufactured. These images are a small example of our work.

More items on the way. More Productions for Bespoke. Remember if you need an item made specially, feel free to ask us. We also Engrave Goods.

Any Inquiries please email us on or

Lever Handles, Mortice Knobs, Cabinet knobs, Cupboard Pulls, Window fittings, Hardware accessories, Locks, Electrical sockets, Etc all Available.

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Fixings and Fittings are often a pain to find. Look no further…..

Often people are searching for fitting components, such as 110 to 190 degree hinges, drawer runners, shelf brackets, studs, soft-closer, buffers, clips, stays, cabinet locks, cabinet legs, wheel castors, etc

Many hardware store would usually keep or have access to small amount of fitting but as a ironmongery specialist,  we now are a stockist for Cabinet Components. Many people are looking to replace or to find a suitable components for  their bedroom, kitchen & bathroom cupboards.

As a Ironmongery stockist we have become trade partners with Hafele who carry a far greater range of components and ironmongery accessories in their Rugby warehouse. Do visit their website on and remember feel free to give us a call if you require any help and quotes.

We also do folding and sliding door systems. Glass door fittings and components.

Feel free to visit our Showroom on Fulham Road Chelsea London.  We have a Great range on Ironmongery and also Electrical Switches & sockets too.



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Lets throw this away as the finishing has worn out!

Many Customers assume existing Ironmongery hardware is a total bin job. Hey why we here? bring it to us and let us decide for you.

Many items can be Refurbished and made to look Brand new. Sometimes some products are worth Keeping as they simply needs to be re-finished. This also benefit the pocket. Almost Less than Half price than buying a new product.

We at Touch Ironmongery would provide the Best advise whether goods are worth renovating or worth buying new. Give us a try. Having products refurbished usually takes between 7 to 10 Working days depending on the amount of work to be carried out. Very rarely it would take longer than 10 working days depending on Finishers work load. we would provide you an estimate lead on the day of your order.

What do we do? Its Simple we dis-assemble the product and send out the parts that are required to be plated to specific finishers. When they are returned we re-assemble and give you a call to have them collected or delivered.

What finishes do we do? Subject to Base Metal base we do many finishing.

Solid brass products can have many different finishes. Other materials we would advise accordingly.

Example, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Antique Brass, Bronze (several shades), Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Matt Powder coated Black or White, Gloss Powder coated Black or White. Un-Lacquering, Etc (the list goes on)

Our product Refurbishing Section coming soon. (Sample below for Banham Lock set)banham lock parts