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Many people have valuables stored away in their homes in drawers, cupboards and even under their beds or sofas.

However, in the unfortunate event of a Fire or robbery we can end up losing our most valuable contents such as jewellery, watches, important documents, small meaningful gifts from loved ones and money.

Have you ever thought of buying a safe that will securely store your valuable items in one place so that you feel confident that the likelihood of anyone attempting to steal anything will not be able to break through or access the safe if found?

As there has been a number of demands recently we now carry small safe up-to 30kg in-store which also allow you to be covered by insurance companies for theft and in a unlikely event of an fire. There are many choices available from sizes, cash value cover and content value cover. We at a Touch of Brass would be happy to give advice and recommendations for a suitable safe that would offer peace of mind for securing your valuable items safely at home.

Feel free to contact us or even visiting our store in Chelsea London for more information and to see some of the products we carry in store today.