SSS 4″ Ball Bearing Butt Hinge (pair) F/R

SSS 4″ Ball Bearing Butt Hinge (pair) F/R 91039 Manufactured with ball bearings in the knuckle to provide extra strength and a smooth action that will last for many years.

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Overall Size: 102mm x 76mm
Leaf Width: 30mm
Thickness: 3mm A pair and a half (3 hinges) can be fitted to provide extra strength for heavier doors. Manufactured from grade 201 stainless steel and CE marked (Grade 13). Complies with BS EN 1935-2002 (assessed for use on 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes timber fire doors and 240 minutes on steel fire doors). Supplied as a pair. Supplied with matching SS wood screws.


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