Pewter Large 16mm Peardrop Espag – LH

Pewter Large 16mm Peardrop Espag – LH 33344 Our range of peardrop espagnolette fasteners are simple in design and offer a traditional looking product with the benefits of a modern and secure configuration.


Overall Length: 155mm
Handle Length: 127mm
Fixing Plate: 68mm x 16mm x 6mm
Fixing Plate Thickness: 5mm Designed to fit any type of window, including uPVC and timber due to its slim fixing plate. Can be matched with the peardrop stays in the range. The handle is cranked forwards to ensure this protrudes far enough from the window for ease of use. The product is handed and therefore care needs to be taken when choosing the correct hand. From the inside view, if your window is hinged on the left then a left-hand fastener is required. They have a 7mm² x 40mm spindle and can be locked by way of a grub screw. Can be used with an espagnolette gearbox & window lock. Supplied with matching SS M5 screws.


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