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Eurovault Aver Grade 3

Please enquire on or call us on 020 7351 2255

These make ideal home safes and are designed to fit out of view. Brief specs below with specific details of sizes and options below that.

Our prices are competitive, give us a call, we will endeavour to offer best prices.

Ideal Home or Office Safe.

Cash Rating


Jewellery Rating 


Fire Rating 30 minutes

Fire Protection for Paper

Delivery from Warehouse ( 2-4 working days Subject to Stock availability)

We offer on-site delivery, installation & fitting services from £250.00 onward. Site Survey offered on Luxury and graded Safes.

Eurovault Aver Home Safes are some of our most secure home/office safes.  You can store valuable items such as jewellery, watches, documents, money, etc. This is ideal within the home/office. Can be bolted to the Bottom or Back.

We offer six sizes of these home safes and they also available from our warehouse and if you give us a call, we can give you a competitive price.

Eurovault Aver Home Safe Supplied with Bolt Fixings.

  • Independently tested and certified to EN1143-1 Grade 3 and EN15659 LFS 30P by ECBS
  • Insurance approved by the AiS
  • Built to a Police Preferred Specification – Secured by Design
  • Suitable for storage of controlled drugs with active ingredients exceeding 500g
  • Choose from high security key or electronic locking
  • Option of dual locking – not sizes 0 & 1
  • Option of left hand hinge – additional lead time and costs apply
  • Cable hole for alarm connection
  • Height adjustable shelving
  • Back and base fixing

Locking options – Single key, dual locking, pin, biometric, dial.


Model External (HxWxD) Internal (HxWxD) Weight Volume Shelves
Size 0 500 x 510 x 510 385 x 395 x 330 229kg 50L 1
Size 1 670 x 510 x 510 555 x 395 x 330 281kg 72L 1
Size 2 990 x 510 x 510 875 x 395 x 330 387kg 113L 2
Size 3 1320 x 680 x 510 1205 x 565 x 330 591kg 223L 2
Size 4 1320 x 850 x 510 1185 x 715 x 315 757kg 268L 3
Size 5 1660 x 680 x 510 1525 x 545 x 315 789kg 263L 3
Size 6 1660 x 850 x 510 1525 x 715 x 315 920kg 345L 3

Add 55mm to external depth for handle



FREE DELIVERY –  All Eurovault Aver Home Safes are offered with free delivery to UK mainland

*We will aim for next day delivery Subject to Stock availability. Otherwise please allow 2-5 working days*

For any Questions on Safes, please feel free to contacting us on 0207 351 2255


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