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Aged Brass Davenport Rim Lock


Instead of being morticed in, rim locks are fitted to the surface of a door, along with a surface mounted keep that should be fitted to the door frame.

Rim Lock Size: 168mm x 123mm x 25mm
Keep Size: 116mm x 29mm x 27mm
Spindle Centre: 125mm
Lock Centre: 47mm

Our weighty rim locks are forged from solid brass to create a product that’s as durable as it is beautiful. A perfect design choice to use throughout your property, with many matching styles available.
Our rim locks are best suited for use with our rim knobs to provide an attractive finishing touch to any home.
Contains a 3 lever rim lock which is not insurance rated.
This product has a reversible design which makes it suitable for use on either the left or right hand side of a door.
All our rim locks are KA.
Product Code 91528
Our aged brass products are made from solid unlacquered brass, offering an abundance of character and charm.  This finish is perfectly suited to period dwellings and will create a statement throughout. Due to the accelerated ageing process this finish undergoes, a darker patina gathers around the edges and recesses to contrast beautifully with the re-polished surface areas.

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