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Iron Right Hand Rim Lock - Small


Iron Right Hand Rim Lock – Small 83584 Rim locks are fitted to the surface of the door rather than being morticed in, along with a surface mounted keep that should be fitted to the door frame.

Rim Lock Size: 140mm x 86mm x 25mm
Keep Size: 84mm x 23mm x 31mm
Spindle Centre: 97mm
Lock Centre: 42mm Our weighty rim lock range is cast from solid iron and polished to leave a smooth surface. Our rim knob range is used in conjunction with our rim locks to provide an attractive, high quality finish to any period town house or country property. The product is handed and therefore care needs to be taken when choosing the correct hand. If your door is inward opening and hinged on the right then a right hand rim lock is required. All our rim locks are KA. Supplied with matching SS wood screws.